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At QuallsBenson, we view brand as a whole body of work. Our brand-centered approach is engrained in every discipline because we believe every campaign, every website, and every social platform should work as a whole to strengthen your brand's awareness and consumer preference across every channel. And as a full-service agency, we make sure your message is consistent across every project.
The Strategy Behind the Brand

Every campaign, every design and every digital initiative begins with a well-conceived strategy. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all approaches. Armed with an understanding that every brand has a unique challenge and unique audiences, we develop and test every strategy in UX, content, SEO and digital marketing.

Leveraging your brand's data with analysis, monitoring, A/B testing, and reporting, we help ensure that your strategy is adaptive and constantly evolving with your business.

UX Design
Content Planning
Search Engine Optimizations
Search Engine Marketing
Data & Analytics
The Emotional Connection to the Brand

Since the advent of the web and social media, every brand competes on a global platform. The strongest point of differentiation in consumers' minds comes from the emotional value you create for your audiences—that's where we come in.

We differentiate your brand by developing moving brand imagery, unique stories and new human connections. With experts in visual and interactive design, social media, animation, print and outdoor, we specialize in creating enriching brand experiences that connect with consumers both online and offline.

Brand Voice Development
Brand Guidelines
Slogan/Tagline Creation
Focus Groups
The Brand's Touchpoints

Your brand is the sum of each experience your customers have when interacting with your business, from emails, to points-of-purchase, to the way you answer your phones. A large part of our process entails taking the time to get to know your audience and putting ourselves in your users' shoes. With clear insights into your consumers' decision journey and the vision you have for your brand, we oversee each touchpoint to make sure the experience is on-brand and on-message. From print materials and outdoor advertising, to email marketing and social media.

Back-end Web Development
Content Management System (CMS) Development
Search Engine Marketing
Print Management
Email Marketing
Social Media Marketing
The Visual Design of the Brand

Image is everything. The visual design of your brand should be on par with the quality of product and level of service your company provides. The design of your brand begins with your logo and corporate identity system, but extends to print graphics, app and web user interfaces, photography, and packaging. All eyes are on you. Don't you think it's time to shine?

Branding & Identity Design
Print & Graphic Design
Front-end Web Design
UI Design
Video & Motion Design
Photography Production
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